The Best in TV

The CipherTV Bar connects your TV to the internet for instant access to IP TV, streaming online movies. You save directly on cable bills and experience the latest technology in home entertainment available. All through the helpful team at ispeed. For as little as $25 per month you can have access to 40+ Channels TV with a minimum of 20 with HD quality.   Requires Silver or Ruby internet or faster.

  • Connects to any TV, both HDMI or RCA connectors
  • 43 or 90 channel services and packages to suit your needs
  • Supports resolutions up to1920x1080p for high-definition output and display.
  • Includes a wireless mouse and on screen keyboard
  • Works wireless and wired, if wired can be a WiFI access point
  • Access millions of apps and games in Google Play store
  • Surf the internet and check your email
  • Energy conservation settings – automatic closed screen and sleep modes.


Cipher TV Box $195
40+ Channel Package $25/month
90+ Channel Package $45/month

Additional Bundles available as listed on the right

IPTV Bundles

  • Movie 2 Pack $9.00
  • Movie 4 Pack $17.00
  • Movie 6 Pack $19.00
  • Adventure Package $9.00
  • Adventure Extra $8.00
  • Entertainment $8.00
  • Entertainment Extra $8.00
  • Family $8.00
  • Learning Pack $8.00
  • Life Package $6.00
  • Lifestyle Extra $6.00

IPTV Bundles

  • More Movies $6.00
  • News $8.00
  • Pop Package $8.00
  • Sports Pack $8.00
  • Timeshift $6.00
  • Divertissement Package $6.00
  • Fairchild Pack $16.00
  • Filipino Pack $12.00
  • Taiwan Package $9.95
  • Chinese Package $0.00
Basic 40+ channels


Basic 90+ Channels include


More information on ispeed TV is available for download ispeed Channel Guide ispeed TV Alphabetical Guide ispeed Theme Packs

Choose from any of the following individual channels for $3.00 each.

39 Showcase SD
41 Slice SD
49 Outdoor Life Network (OLN) SD
55 FX Canada HD HD
95 Cosmopolitan TV SD
97 H2 SD
100 OUTtv SD
101 MovieTime SD
102 Showcase Action SD
103 Lifetime (formerly Showcase Diva) SD
104 Bite SD
105 Independent Film Channel (IFC) SD
106 Documentary Channel SD
107 Biography SD
108 Twist TV SD
109 Discovery Science SD
110 iChannel SD
111 Cottage Life SD
114 ABC Spark SD
127 Fashion TV SD
128 Book TV SD
129 G4 Tech TV SD
130 Travel + Escape SD
133 Sundance SD
134 Animal Planet SD
135 Nickelodeon SD
136 Do It Yourself (DIY) Network SD
137 BBC Canada SD
139 Dejaview SD
149 The Fight Network SD
152 World Fishing Network (WFN) SD
153 ESPN Classic SD
158 NHL Network SD
168 ONE: Body, Mind and Spirit SD
169 W Movies SD
175 National Geographic Wild HD HD
241 National Geographic HD HD
243 History HD HD
256 Showcase HD HD


Skype on ispeed TV

One of the key benefits of installing ispeed TV is the amazing Skype experience you get. With each ispeed TV bar you get a built in camera that allows you to work directly on Skype in front of your flat panel Large screen TV. It is an amazing experience to see family and friends on the big screen! Download apps, games and movies free through Google Play store or order premium content, movies or PPV for a fraction of the price!