As an Okanagan Valley owned and operated company we work hard to provide you with local support and great service. We do not rely on call center tech support halfway around the world. Our goal is to make sure that your internet, phone and TV solutions are up and running and we pride ourselves in quick response times. If you are having any issues with your service from ispeed please give us a call or email our support line. We will issue a support ticket and get back to you as soon as we are able.

Internet Services FAQ

How fast is your internet service?

ispeed offers a variety of services with a package to suit almost everyone. In rural areas our speeds are unsurpassed. Watching TV in high definition consumes a large amount of bandwidth and my require upgrading to a faster package.

Do you have faster packages like 100 Mbps?

ispeed does not believe that you need ultra-fast services like this costing hundreds of dollars a month. Why pay for what you will never use? Additionally gamers will not notice any lower latencies with faster speeds. However, over time demand grows, and in the future people may need 100 Mbps + in their home so we have introduced packages now that can do that.

Which is better for back-up business service, wired or wireless?

Wireless of course since there is no cable that could be dug up. And for our business critical customers can bond two separate services together for redundancy or we can even offer back up service over cell phone towers.

How long does it take to get an install?

For our wireless service 2 to 4 business days, but tell us if you need it faster. For our wired services 5-8 business days is normal.

How do we get email?

From any of the free provider’s. We recommend that you do NOT lock yourself in with an internet provider’s email. What if you move and lose it? Try Google’s gmail, Yahoo, or Windows Live.

Can I get a static IP for video surveillance monitoring?

Some of our services include one free. If needed they are available to any user for a small additional fee.

Problems after Snow & Storm Conditions for Wireless services?

If your system has been affected by a storm or heavy snowfall please check on some basic areas of concern. Look at your dish and see if there is anything blocking the receiver like branches, debris or heavy snow build up. This can often interfere with your signal. Also look to see if anything is blocking the direct line of sight from your dish to our tower. Damaged or fallen trees may be obscuring the signal path from the transmitting tower to you.

Telephone Services FAQ

I get a fast beep beep when I pick up the phone instead of dial tone? How do I get my voicemail.

This is an indicator that you have Voicemail. Voicemail Quick Guide. Your voicemail password was emailed to you when you subscribed.  If you have lost it contact us.

How do I see what long distance or international calls I have made?

You can see these and all other calls both outgoing and incoming at this Account/Call History tool. Call History Tool

How do I forward my calls or block nuisance callers?

Simple forwarding, conference calling can be done from your phone. Read How Or you can use the web tool to do this. In the Account History Tool, under preferences, you will find options to change call forwarding and call blocking. You can even retrieve your voicemail here.

Can I get an app for my phone line?

Absolutely, We recommend the app Bria. It allows you to place calls over WiFi or cellular data and not pay long distance changes. You can even receive calls.

What is my free calling area?

For all customers it is from Enderby in the north to the US border south of Osoyoos. For customers with Unlimited Canada/US plans it is the continental US and Canada excluding the northern areas of Alaska and the Territories and Northwestern areas.

Can I get my voicemails sent to my Smart phone?

Yes, just turn enable the option in the Account History Tool.

CipherTV Service FAQ

I can get TV service for only $25.00/month?

Yes, unlike the ‘other guys’ we don’t charge a high monthly fee. You pay for the TV bar but then it is only a small monthly fee for the channels.

What do I need to do Skype calls from my TV?

Nothing, the camera and microphone are built into the TV bar.

Can I play games on my TV?

Yes, we have included a Smart Mouse remote with your TV bar. Just download a Google Play app and you can start playing games.

Can I go on the internet on my TV or do I need a special new TV?

Any TV will work and will be able to access the internet.

What about recording shows?

Coming soon!

How do I use the InfraRed remote?

IR Remote Control

Can’t find an answer here?

*Please contact us to determine if the service is available where you are. We will add service to more areas over time. # In Central Okanagan on most services, please inquire